MTI Ostrich Culling Webinar

If YOU participated, invested, promoted, or regarded yourself as a creditor in the MTI (Mirror Trading Internation) business this information relates to you.


Update from Advocate Hendrik van Staden on SAP Criminal Case and review of the Marks appeal and how it impacts your claim. What you can do about these critical matters.

Challenges Experienced by GetaQuid members with the submission of their claims.

Seeking your assistance in the criminal case against the perpetrators and participants who managed and knowingly defrauded the MTI Investors. South African Police request?

As an Investor or Creditor in the Mirror Trading International Liquidation, you have been Cited by Clynton Hugh Marks (appellant) in his leave to Appeal submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.

Full Q & A available on the Webinar.

We will give priority to questions you submit to the panel. Submit your questions here:

We would like your input and thoughts on what our way forward should be?

Webinar arranged for:

Monday - 2 October 2023 - 20h30 (08:30 pm) Johannesburg Time

that is 18h30 (06:30 GMT)

and 19h30 (07h30 pm) BST London Time

If you have not received a direct invite (GetaQuid members) please register here:

Open invite to the liquidators if they wish to attend as panelists.

Please, as this webinar has an URGENT request for action, contact us directly on our mobile number:

+44 79 3689 1071



call us, "GetaQuid", for free using the SIGNAL APP(Info:

Simply use Signal instead of WhatsApp for calling or messaging.

Our Signal mobile phone number is:  +44 79 3689 1071





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