Why Support This Class Action?

If YOU are an MTI Investor ~ supporting this class action will give you the best chance of recovering your Bitcoins locked into the MTI transaction.

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Why should you support this Class Action by GetaQuid?

  • Firstly, you must understand that, if we do nothing further, the current liquidators will keep pushing to have the scheme declared as a ponzi scheme. Why is that? Because if this happens, the government will claim all the money in the scheme and the liquidators will still be paid their fees by the government;
  • So, that means, you will definitely not receive back any of your investment - 100% for sure;
  • BUT, as a group, we will have more influence to prevent the current liquidators from pushing to have the scheme declared a Ponzi scheme. If we can prevent this, we can push to show that the scheme does not need to be liquidated, and rather than the bitcoin can be sold - at current value- and your value be paid to you, as and when the bitcoin is traded;
  • Obviously, we will need skilled representation to act on our behalf, but if we seek such representation on an individual basis, the cost might just be too much, especially, as many of us have lost a lot already. We understand this, and that is why it makes a lot of sense to form this group;
  • As a large group, we can cover legal fees very cost-effectively, as we all contribute a small amount on a monthly basis, making it affordable for us, as well as worthwhile for our legal team, as they will lodge one action on behalf of a group of investors.
  • When looking at the amounts you will be charged per month, you will definitely agree that it is worth joining this initiative. In fact, this is the best chance you will ever have at recovering your investment, at the lowest cost to yourself;
  • Also, you no longer have to be on the lookout for the newest information and have to make sense of it all,  regarding the MTI situation. You will have access to the latest updated on the COGS platform, reports on the latest developments as well as the implications of the developments;
  • You will have independent representation that really works in your best interest, and you will be able to vote on the best course of action during the whole process
  • Further, once we manage to stay the liquidation process and prevent the scheme from being declared a Ponzi scheme, our legal team will assist all members with lodging their claims to get their investment, plus growth, back. Once again, your small monthly contributions will already cover most legal and administrative fees in this regard;
  • Remember, when acting on behalf of a large group, our team will have much more clout and leverage when submitting and following up on claims. Imagine if you as an individual have to act on your own - there is a good chance that your claim will be pushed to the back, as you will not have the leverage that a large group will have, and it might cost you a lot of money and frustration to be acknowledged and assisted.
  • Being a supporter and contributor of this initiative, will entitle you to preferential, capped rates from the group’s legal advisors, should it happen that your specific case requires more intensive and specialized attention.
  •  Lets face it, we must accept that certain individuals and institutions are going to leave no stone unturned, to attempt to lay their greedy hands on our investments. It is a staggering amount of money! If we act alone, we don't stand a chance - but there is strength in numbers.   

Sign up HERE: https://getaquid.com/subscription/