Webinar - Scheduled for 17 February 2022 - Thursday evening

17h30 - London - BST

18h30 - Jhb - CAT

This meeting is mainly directed at paid up GetaQuid members to explain the usage and advantages of the COGS System being used for record-keeping and ratification of the MTI Claim account. It represents the fully electronic registration procedure as requested by the Master and the Liquidators.

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We do not intend to deal with any legal matters relating to the liquidators in this webinar. The purpose of the webinar is purely to assist people with how to join our GetaQuid member's area and the process of uploading and establishing their files within the COGS system.

You may submit questions or topics related to the GetaQuid Registration process and the COGS System that you may want to be clarified or explained in the form below:

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We welcome your questions and comments and will do our best to deal with them.

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