A Call to all Creditors/Investors/Marketers and interested MTI (Group 2) Parties to UNITE.

Taking action now will safeguard and maximise the results of your MTI recovery.

Taking action now will minimise your losses and safeguard your assets.

Taking action now will protect your reputation from being trashed by the liquidators.

The Video of the Last Webinar: https://getaquid.com/mti-questions-put-to-liquidators/

1 - GetaQuid's Legal Team Really Needs your help - We are at a Critical Stage - Inaction will be dire for all!

Declaratory Document of the Critical Questions that we all have to face as MTI Investors.


2 - GetaQuid has arranged a Webinar where our full Legal team, Adv Hendrik van Staden, Solicitor Ian Allis and Solicitor Ruann Kruger will be fielding your questions. Sign-Up on the link.

Webinar arranged for this coming Tuesday 18 October 2022


3 - Please pass on this page link to your social media and groups so we can reach as many MTI investors as possible.

Please spread the word to all interested MTI Investors: You can simply share this link: www.getaquid.com/three

4 - GetaQuid by popular demand has opened up a Telegram group to use as a Notice Board.  The joining link is here. Again share this where ever it makes sense.

Please consider joining our Telegram Group.

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You can simply search:  "@getaquid"  and "GetaQuid Louise" should appear. You can message GetaQuid directly here if you need any urgent assistance.

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