The Plan

A group of senior investors and leaders are being drawn together to formulate a representative team who will be nominated to work on behalf of the investors.

The MTI action team will establish a Telegraph group where we will keep you updated of progress and any and all of the latest news relating to this matter.

If you are interested to form part of the action group team I will later today be posting a link where you can upload your CV and qualifications.

Please be aware that we will not be able nor will we be effective if we do not act as a group and secondly if we have no funds to do this with. However, you need to understand that the action group management will control all funds and donations which will be used exclusively in the direct application of recovering the funds or taking legal action as is necessary.

Further, we will need to do police clearance vetting on all the senior management who will be representing the group. These facilities are already at hand.

There are obviously many investors that have substantial amounts placed with MTI. There are also many small investors involved in this transaction. In order that those that have small investments, and those that are now in financial difficulty, we need to join forces to facilitate the best possible legal action that can be taken against the management of MTI.

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