The Plan

A group of investors and leaders are being drawn together to formulate a representative team that will be nominated to work on behalf of the (NEI) investors.

Mission Statement


To empower a team consisting of leaders and Legal Representatives to represent the conglomerate of Investors and ensure and facilitate the recovery of their MTI Bitcoin Investments.


WHY JOIN? - An individual acting on their own will have no voice and no influence on the recovering of their MTI investment, it is very likely that your claim will be pushed back and not be taken seriously.


  • If you are part of a large group, with independent legal representation, whose sole purpose it to act in the investors’ best interest in recovering their MTI Bitcoin Investment, our team will have much more clout and leverage when submitting and following up on claims as well as on the process the liquidators will follow
  • There is strength in numbers, as a group, we can protect the investor's rights in the MTI action
  • You will be kept updated on the latest developments in the MTI situation, processes and outcomes, actions explained and clarified by solicitors, in order for you to make informed decisions
  • As part of the group you will be part of the decision making process in the MTI action as you will have a VOTE, your opinion will be taken into consideration
  • A minimal monthly contribution will be required from you to fund the class action
  • By participating and joining this class action you minimize the legal costs associated with your representation as an individual
  • Further, most importantly your membership and class action appointment greatly enhance the legal team's ability to act and be taken seriously. You cannot afford to sit on the fence.
  • Being a supporter and contributor to the initiative, you will be entitled to preferential, capped rates from the group’s legal advisors, should it happen that your specific case requires more intensive and specialized attention



  • Prevent the scheme from being declared a Ponzi Scheme as it is not in your best interest.  If it is declared a Ponzi Scheme the government can claim all the money in the scheme, the liquidators will still be paid their fees by the government, the danger is that the investors may lose everything 
  • As a group, we have more influence to prevent the current liquidators from pushing the scheme to be declared a Ponzi Scheme. 
  • Obviously, we will need skilled representation to act on our behalf. If we seek such representation on an individual basis, the cost will be too high for the majority of the investors. 
  • As a large group, we can cover legal fees very cost-effectively, a small monthly contribution will make it affordable for us as well as worthwhile for our legal team to lodge an action on our behalf


  • You may get your investment value and more due to the value of the Bitcoin
  • Expedite completion. The whole process may be completed in a shorter period of time, and prevent it from being dragged out for years


The MTI Scheme involves a Staggering Amount of Money.  There is strength in numbers, we can work together to get the best possible outcome for the investors.

There are a number of entities involved in the action.

Investors - individuals or entities (class action conglomerate)  that invested in the MTI bitcoin trading scheme. Investors that have a negative equity situation as a result of the funds they invested and now have a claim against the estate of MTI. 

Get a Quid - a non-profit UK registered company - collects funds and holds funds for instructing the lawyers. Also holds contracts with the investors to assist the “solicitors instruction fund” (SIF) for the recovery of the MTI investment on behalf of the investors. Uses funds to cover costs of running and facilitating the administration required. Covers costs required by Cogs to host, manage and maintain the database used by the investors and the Legal team.

Financial transparency - GetaQuid is registered as a non-profit organisation.

Cogs - record and data storage used by solicitors for accumulating the information from the investors. (Cloud-Based with Investors Mobile app management.). Central information system used for updating the investors, the platform used by individual investors as a communication platform (Central Operational Governance System (COGS))

Instructed Solicitors and Advocates - The legal team acting on behalf of the investors instructed by Get a Quid. The Legal team has been chosen as they have no vested interest with the liquidators nor do they have other affiliations with any persons who may have alternative objectives. 

MTI - Mirror Trading International - in provisional liquidation

Why should you support this Class Action by GetaQuid?

  • Firstly, you must understand that, if we do nothing further, the current liquidators will keep pushing to have the scheme declared as a ponzi scheme. Why is that? Because if this happens, the government will claim all the money in the scheme and the liquidators will still be paid their fees by the government;
  • So, that means, you will definitely not receive back any of your investment - 100% for sure;
  • BUT, as a group, we will have more influence to prevent the current liquidators from pushing to have the scheme declared a ponzi scheme. If we can prevent this, we can push to show that the scheme does not need to be liquidated, and rather than the bitcoin can be sold - at current value- and your value be paid to you, as and when the bitcoin is traded;

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