Please note that the below list of liquidators are those that we have examined and discussed with our panel of advocates, solicitors, and other consultants that have recommended them to us. RAG have found no reason not to include them in a recommended list of liquidators. However, we caution you to do your own investigations as to who you want to requisition/appoint in the MTI provisional liquidation application.

Nominated Liquidator: Mr Christopher Roos (Liquidator / Curator / Debt Counsellor NCRDC1237)

Background: Mr. Christopher Roos has been in the Insolvency Industry since 2002.Mr. Roos has accrued numerous skills, Insolvency Enquiries, Fraud Investigation, Tracking and Tracking of Assets, Business Negotiation, Sales, Business Restructuring, Marketing and Negotiations, Debt Collection. He also takes up numerous Appointments in Insolvency Matters. With a vast set of skills and Business Associates, he will be able to assist and have the right opinions on the best way forward. Extract of Mr Roos' accomplishments

  • on the Panel of National Liquidators
  • on the Panel of Curators of South Africa,
  • on the Panel of Trustees and Liquidators at the Master of the High Court,
  • has taken numerous Appointments with offices in Centurion & branches all over South Africa, where he exclusively attends to Taking Control of Assets and the administration of Insolvent Estates and Companies in Liquidation from Provisional Appointments to the finalization of these Estates.
  • Worked at Corporeus Business Services – 2006 – 2014 Compiling and Summiting of DTI and IDC Grants in the Manufacturing and Tourism Industry.
  • assisted one of the Major Banks, with their Insolvency Department, and has been on various TV, Radio and News Paper articles.VBS Bank -
  • Bossa --

Company Name: Liquidation Experts

Company Postal Address:


P.O. BOX 14527



 Cell: 082 304 7925

Tel: 012 754 7588 

Fax: 086 516 5380


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Company Website:

Requisition form:

(Found just below the Heading: MTI - MIRROR TRADING INTERNATION (PTY) LTD ALL LIQUIDATION FORMS AND INFORMATION TO DOWNLOAD the Requisition Form is on the top line, the second line contains an example on completing the form)

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Nominated Liquidator: Mr Riaan Van Rooyen 

Background: Mr Riaan van Rooyen founded Investrust in 2007. He started his career in insolvencies in 1988, with Coopers & Leybrand, before joining the Master’s office, in Pretoria in 1991, where he gained valuable working experience and training. He started his own firm, Van Rooyen Fisher Trustees in 1997 and is a very competent and experienced insolvency practitioner.

He heads Investrust Marketing Division and is on the panel of the Master of the High Court National Liquidators list. 

Company Name : Investrust Insolvency Practitioners

Company Postal Address:

PO Box 12545

The Tramshed


Tel: 012 343 0477


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Company Website:

Requisition form:

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Nominated Liquidator: Herman Bester (B.Comm. (Hons), B.Compt. (Hons), CTA, Ins. Dip)

Backgound: Tygerberg Trustees was founded in 2009 and is a well established company providing trust, estate, will, liquidation and business rescue services. An extract of Herman Bester's accomplishments:

  • admitted onto the master's panel of Liquidators in Cape Town High Court on 13 Dec 2011
  • became a member of AIPSA (now SARIPA) during Jan 2012
  • appointed onto the National Panel of Insolvency Practitioners by the Department of Justice
  • Since being licensed as BRP the following appointments has been accepted:
  • 2012 – 2016: Four (4) projects all successfully completed and filed as  substantially implemented – Sun Space and Information Systems (Pty) Ltd;  Magnolia Ridge Properties 51 (Pty) Ltd; Qala Imaging (Pty) Ltd and Wemer  Logistic (Pty) Ltd
  • 2017 – Two (2) projects of which one was successfully completed and substantially  implemented, and the other project liquidated.
  • 2018 – Five (5) projects of which one was successfully completed and substantially  implemented, two projects are successfully trading as going concerns and will be  substantially implemented soon, and two liquidated.
  • 2019 – Nine (9) projects of which five projects were successful in that the assets and  properties were sold for R 35m and will be substantially implemented soon; three projects  will be liquidated, and one project (Hoogland) is uncompleted.
  • 2020 – Fifteen (15) projects of which six companies are part of one group of companies  and successful in that properties were sold for R70m, all creditors will be paid, and all jobs  saved. One other project was successful in that its assets were sold for R 15m. Six  projects are trading after the business rescue plans were adopted. One company was  liquidated, and one appointment must now be accepted
  • Liquidator's Appointments in Multi-Level investment schemes or Pyramid Schemes
    1. Premier Enhanced Cash Fund (Multi-level investment scheme
    2. Free Agape Enterprises (Multi level investment scheme in Polokwane)
    3. Choice Members Group (Pyramid Scheme)
    4. The Supply Line – (Illegal investment scheme)
    5. Project Lifelong Independence (Curatorship)
    6. Forensic Authentication Commodity Track and Trace (Pty) Ltd (liquidated)
      1. Loxfin Trading Finance (LTF) multi-level investment scheme
      2. Mortgage Secured Finance (MSF) multi-level investment scheme
      3. Nthwese Investment Scheme (SARS support for appointment R 110 358  481-23)
      4. South Africa Mortgage Originators (SAMO) – Liquidation.

    Company Name : Tygerberg Trustees

    Company Postal Address:

    Tygerberg Trustees

    PO Box 5483, 




    Tel: (021) 914 0712


    E-mail to sent completed requisition form too:

    Company Website:

    Requisition form:!Ap8SKor10WWloOJK_R70sB8-3mdv2w?e=hC8YpV

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