How to Call GetaQuid on Signal

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Call GetaQuid on Signal at Mobile +44 79 3689 1071

Available times for calling: 08h00 to 15h00 GMT.

Messages will normally be answered during the above business times.

Signal is a very secure and amazing communication service that is freely available.

Where to get the Signal App:

Step by Step - How to call GetaQuid on Signal.

Step 1: Download the Signal App (Choose one of the links below)

Or visit from your phone

To use the Signal desktop app, Signal must first be installed on your phone.

Not on Windows?

Step 2: Add the GetaQuid Support number on your contact list +44 79 3689 1071

Step 3: Simply Call Us

Why does GetaQuid use Signal and not WhatsApp?

  • More secure than WhatsApp
  • Can be used to make and answer calls from a PC as well as a mobile phone
  • Calls are more stable
  • Calls are clearer on both PC and mobile phones
  • Excellent messaging system



WhatsApp versus Signal

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Directly quoted from the article above:

"Recently, instant messaging app, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, announced a controversial change to its privacy policy - stating that users will have to share their personal data with its mother company to fuel its advertising machine. If users don’t accept said terms, their accounts will be deleted. 

This, despite Mark Zuckerberg’s bold proclamation back in January of 2020 that the company was starting the decade by rolling out new features designed to give people more control over how they are tracked by the company across the internet.

But now, as the results of our twenty year technological experiment are starting to become evident - depression, polarization, distractibility, political turmoil - a number of trailblazers are pushing back to help deliver a more human online experience. 

Instant messaging app, Signal, co-founded by Moxie Marlinspike, offers an alternative to Whatsapp. It offers strong encryption, and won’t track you to feed an advertising engine or tailor your social media feeds. Essentially, your text chats (and your Signal phone calls) stay private, and can be automatically deleted after a set period of time. "  Link to Article:

Why everyone should be using Signal instead of WhatsApp: