How to subscribe to GetaQuid and get going on the COGS system:

You can download the following Pdf that will help you to go onto the GetaQuid website and then subscribe as a GetaQuid member. The Pdf also contains all the info you need to register on the COGS system as well as links to videos on how to upload your documents on COGS. A step-by-step guide will assist you in using the COGS App on your mobile phone.

Links and information you need to run the COGS system on your Laptop, PC and Mobile.

Step 1:
How to access and update the COGS Landing page. (Follow the link to a video on
how to upload your information on the COGS system):

These are the documents you need to put on the COGS system:

  1. General Document Upload
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Completed MTI Claim Form
  4. Proof of Bank Account
  5. Certified Copy of ID/Passport/Social Security no
  6. Proof of transactions with MTI (screenshots/statements from bitcoin wallets etc.)
  7. Proof of transactions with MTI continues (screenshots/statements from bitcoin wallets etc.
  8. Further proof of MTI transactions
  9. Reassignment of Power of Attorney

Links to download the COGS Apps on your mobile phone:


Apple (IOS):

Huawei (APP Gallery):

To start using the COGS Mobile App please follow these links on how to get started:

Step 2: How to Start Using Your COGS Mobile App

Step 3: Using the COGS Systems Mobile App Access to your Docs

Step 4: Use your Mobile App to view your documents