Anton Lee and his legal Team

Below is an extract of a document that has been released publically by Anton Lee to bring the MTI Liquidation parties up to date on actions taken by him and his legal team.

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We have been approached and briefed by Anton and his legal team as to why they are opposing actions that are being taken by certain individuals who are not acting in the interest of the investors.

Please read the content of the statement by Anton Lee - he and his legal team need our support as their intended course of action is in our best interest.

Quote from Anton Lee Statement:



There have been a number of rumours and fake news pertaining to me firing my legal

team of Coombe Attorneys, and Matthys Potgieter.


Why did I fire my legal team?


It came to my attention that the attorney Matthys Potgieter of Coombe attorneys was

not acting in the best interest of the other investors for various reasons listed below.


  • Transparency: Attorney Potgieter failed to make the back office viable to the investors, thereby preventing investors to complete their claims correctly.


  • Communication breakdown: Att Potgieter failed to explain the implications of MTI being declared a Ponzi scheme to me. The implications of being declared a Ponzi scheme results in all investors being forced to repay the monies received from MTI, whereafter only they could claim for the MTI estate. 


Thus,MTI being declared a Ponzi Scheme would not be in the investors best interest as a result of all being liable to repay the monies received from MTI.


- Conflict of interest: Att Potgieter is working with Moster Bosman Attorneys, who are acting on behalf of the liquidators; Att Potgieter is benefiting directly from work given to him by the liquidators.



  • Conflict of interest: Att Potgieter removed Adv Holland from the Cape Bar who brought the original liquidation application, as well as the legal team originally part of the case. Adv Potgieter introduced his friend, Adv Renier Raubenheimer, to replace Adv Holland. 


  • Adv Raubenheimer acted for me in the application to have MTI

liquidated but also for the provisional liquidators, together with Adv van Rooyen SC and

Adv Tobie Benadie, to have MTI declared a Ponzi. They were all acting under the same case number.


  • Transparency: Adv Renier Raubenheimer did not disclose to me that he was benefitting from enquiries received from the liquidators.


  • Conflict of interest:  Adv Tobie Benadie worked with provisional liquidators to have MTI declared a Ponzi scheme; in December 2020 Adv Benadie opposed the application to liquidate MTI.


  • Conflict of interest: Adv Tobie Benadie was the person who during December opposed our application to liquidate MTI.


  • Conflict of interest: Circa 8/9 January 2021 Adv Benade met with some of the nett winners in Cape Town to act on their behalf. However, he ended on the legal team for the liquidators, requesting to have MTI declared a Ponzi scheme.


  • Attorney Potgieter did indicate that he is working with Tygerbergtrust, a fact neither he nor Tygerbergtrust had denied since I sent the letter firing Coombe attorneys



As the actions of Coombe Attorneys and their association with other individuals were not in the interest of the MTI Investors, I  fired the legal team from Coombe Attorneys.


False allegations have been levelled against me by Mr Herman Bester of Tygerbergtrust, alleging that I was involved in a group opposing the liquidation. This is untrue!


Att Matthys had not been transparent and openly refused to oppose the Ponzi scheme application when I instructed him to do so. He was not acting in the best interest of the investors.


The Ponzi Scheme Objective


The declaration of a Ponzi scheme appears to be a one-sided attempt to drag out the legal process which except for the aforementioned concerns could result in the legal

teams of the liquidators becoming rich on investor funds. If they attempt to hold an inquiry into all nett winners in MTI it will prolong the case, resulting in a similar situation as what happened with Krion.


I have also been advised that the application of the legal team of Coombe Attorneys

and Bosman Mostert Attorneys together with the advocates are based on incorrect information Their refusal to grant access to the investor to the back office is preventing the investors from correctly make claims against MTI.  


Surely it is not in the best interest of us the investors/creditors and Justice.



Anton Lee



22 September 2021 (ref: Finrev)

END Quote

Copy of Signed Statement is on the link below:

>> Signed Declaration by Mr Anton Lee << Click here for the full original



Hester Rebel · 26/09/2021 at 7:49 am

I am one of those investors who invested very late and did obviously not benefiting at all from MTI Investment. I invested R40,000 and to me that is a hell of a lot of money. With my limited knowledge and all the confusion out there. It feels to me that by declaring MTI a ponzi scheme and every one pay back there profits at least all of us have a chance to get our capital back.

Frik · 26/09/2021 at 8:25 pm

I’ve invested 10 times more than your R40000. I’m a pensioner and totally outplayed by this. Only start joining the group late in August 2020. I agree that if all that benefitted from MTI should pay back all profits in order to be fair to the people who lost their lifetime savings.

Frik · 27/09/2021 at 6:03 pm

If one can explain to me what do I gain from all of this if there is only 1221 out of 29000 bitcoin left. In other words I devide my income by 30 to know what I’ll get back?
So why all this court cases if I’ll never benefit from this.

Frik · 28/09/2021 at 4:40 am

Please Adv Lee, will you estimate the worst and best % outcome of our investment. We need to know. RAG indicate that there is enough money in MTI to give my whole investment back. A proper answer will put most investors at ease.

    Frik · 28/09/2021 at 4:52 pm

    How does this work? Do one get answered on your questions?

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