Pending Update Webinar:

It is scheduled for Thursday13 April 2023 at 19h30 (7:30 pm) Johannesburg Time.

You can Signup Here for the Webinar:

At the time of writing the time difference between London and Johannesburg is 2 hours. The clocks go forward after the spring solstice the time difference at the time of the webinar will only be 1 hr. Johannesburg remains at GMT +2.

GetaQuid is working with its legal team to clarify the situation regarding the SARS claim. Our solicitors have been instructed to request information surrounding the litigation procedures on behalf of the creditors and GetaQuid clients.

Further, request for full disclosure of the funds expended by the liquidators, RE: Article: Big winners in Mirror Trading International scam — liquidators blow R113 million. 

There is a return date of 11 April 2023 with regard to the "Interim Order raised under case 13721/2022 you can see the papers here:

MTI in Liquidation

We have set the date so that we can comment further on the result of the above case.

Austensible misconduct and possible fraud charges have been raised against one of the Liquidators in the MTI case and we are waiting for these records to become public record before making them available.

There is as yet no ruling from Judge de Wet.

Please feel free to raise any queries in the form below. Alternatively, simply contact us directly:

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