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When: 2 October 2023


Clynton Marks 50% Shareholder of MTI has filed an Appeal application and has cited the Creditors and Investors as respondents. There is a request for information from the South African police to Investigate Criminal charges against the MTI Management


04 January 2021 - Update MTI Liquidation Procedures - Status

When: 04 January 2021


RAG - MTI Status of the liquidation process. Today, 4 January 2021 the various liquidators who wished to be considered by the Master of the High Court to act in the sequestration of Mirror Trading International made the submissions. The video consultation confirms that the Master of the High Court declared that the submission of nominations was closed at 10 AM CAT. Therefore the auctioneer on the panel intimated that it was no longer necessary to submit your nomination form. Under normal procedures the appointment of the liquidator would take place the following day, which would be Tuesday, 5 January 2021. However due to the nature of this liquidation and the vast amount of documentation that needs to be examined it may take longer. If you want to know more about the procedure:

RAG - will use this YouTube channel to keep you updated. We will also be sending out emails from a MailChimp account as things develop and you are required to submit your claims. So please if you are an investor you should register on our website here:



MTI Investors grill RAG and advocate Hendrik?

When: 3 January 2021

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RAG - Concerned MTI investors grilled RAG and advocate van Staden on the MTI provisional Liquidation. This all started when extremely sceptical Toby wanted answers to questions he was not satisfied had been handled correctly. Please go to our website if you have any questions:

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USA Lawyers Quiz South African Legal team on MTI Liquidation

When: 2 January 2021

Watch it:

RAG - Panelists from Nelson & Fraenkel LLP ( ) attorneys at law in Los Angeles California discussing matters and clarifying the position for the Mirror Trading International (MTI) investor with the advocates, solicitors and liquidators consulting for RAG ( ). This webinar took place on Saturday evening 2 January 2021 at 7 PM Central standard Time (USA). The objective of the webinar was to discuss in an open forum where the current provisional liquidation application which had been passed by the court in South Africa was at this time. The rights of the MTI investors and the required actions was questioned by Nelson and Fraenkel and certain procedural possibilities were explored in depth.


1-1-2021 Fake News Prod - RAG - MTI - Investor – Relationships

When: 1 January 2021

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RAG - dealing with the "Fake News" that is circulating on social media. RAG addresses information from the critics in an open discussion. You can find all the information discussed on this video by the RAG at the website:

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Tomorrow evening central USA time 7 pm we intend to hold a meeting which will focus on how this can be dealt with by the foreign investors outside the borders of South Africa. Please bookmark this post so that you are kept up to date about this Q&A. We are still in the process of trying to get USA legal representation at that meeting. Watch this space for the latest updates and links to the webinar:





31 December 2020 – 15h00 CAT Court Proceedings Update

When: 31 December 2020

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As at 31 December 2020 - 17h00 CAT - 15h00 GMT. we had a update webinar to inform the investors what had happened during the morning at the court in relation to the nomination of the preferred liquidators as regard to the provisional liquidation of MTI (Mirror Trading International) Preferred Liquidators: Because it is a day before public holiday and a long weekend the court officially closed its doors at 10 AM this morning in South Africa. There was interaction with the master and certain documents and some of the requisitions were delivered by our preferred liquidators in the matter. However due to the magnitude of documents being delivered and the difficulties associated with being in the middle of the holidays matters were naturally delayed to Monday, Tuesday next week. (4 -5 January 2021) We implore all the investors to ensure that they have submitted the requisition forms and respectfully request that they first deal with this matter before taking the weekend off. Your vote counts. Your vote counts: During the course of the weekend we will try to communicate by email and improve our frequently asked questions page. This timing reprieve is a good thing as it gives you the investor the opportunity to register and submit your requisition form in favour of the liquidator. If you have any queries do not shirk to use the forms on our website to communicate your questions or comments:


Requisition Form for the Liquidator RAG - MTI Saga

When: 31 December 2020

Watch it:

RAG - this video was produced to clarify further questions that have arisen with regard to the requisition forms required by the liquidators. Please go to our website to get the latest information

. Subscribe to our channel and we will keep you updated as things unfold. The following two links are important: The suggested liquidators list:

Sample requisition form to be filled in:





Further Question on Forms to be sent to the Liquidator

When: 30 December 2020

Watch it:

This snap webinar was called because many of the MTI investors had questions surrounding the download and submission of the required requisition/form. Our panel consisted of the auctioneer, liquidator and an advocate. This snap question and answer session will be followed by another tomorrow morning on 31 December 2020 at 9 AM CAT, 7 AM GMT. Please for further information also watch the previous videos surrounding the provisional liquidation of MTI and where the investors stand at the moment. You are welcome to field your questions to RAG on our website: At our website you will also find lists of the panellists and examples of the forms that need to be filled in and submitted. At the time of writing the due date to have handed to the master of the court is 15hoo CAT, which will mean that you will need to get your form submitted to your nominated liquidator by at least 11h00 CAT as the liquidator still has to print it and prepare it for the court. Please we implore you not to leave this to light but get it done as soon as possible.


Q & A Session – MTI Liquidation Process - 30 December 2020

When: 30 December 2020

Watch it:

RAG - This webinar was held as a follow-up of the previous webinar exploring the legal position that the investors find themselves in as a result of the award of the provisional liquidation by the court in South Africa. Below is an abbreviated bio of the experts that were on the panel. For further information and updates please visit our website:



Provisional Liquidation of MTI ~"What now?"

When: 28 December 2020

Watch it:

This video has been produced in and effort to clarify what the implications are to the investors now that the provisional liquidation order has been granted on mirror trading International (MTI). Sorry, the video does take a little bit of time to warm up and get running. RAG arranged for two advocates, a liquidator conversant with cybercrime cases and a long-standing auctioneer to field questions from the MTI investors to try to clarify in as much detail as possible "what is about to happen now?" And also so that investors generally will know what the process is going to be to recover their investments. This video is also extremely important for the international clients so that they may know what to do. Further information can be found here:

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These are the experts that were consulted in the Video: Liquidator - Christopher Roos -

Leads a team of Cyber and Fraud Investigators with experience in Bitcoin and Pyramid Schemes, also Attorneys and Advocates. Working closely with Serious Financial and Economic Departments know as the HAWS, the FSCA, that conducted the Investigation and National Prosecuting Authority, Asset Forfeiture Unit. To freeze all Bank Accounts, Bitcoin Investments Wallets and to Apply for Bankruptcy and Liquidation of main People and Business Involved.

Kopano Auctioneers in 1995 - Xenophon Dippenaar  -

Established Kopano Auctioneers in 1995 Had various business interests in South Africa and Mozambique including international imports and exports. Since 1995 I've handled literally thousands of insolvent and deceased estates. And I've had interaction with basically every liquidator in South Africa and has done work for such. Kopano Auctioneers have a national footprint all over South Africa with branches in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Western Cape. The company has been appointed in various Ponzi/Pyramid schemes and has also done plenty of work for the Asset Forfeiture Unit, a regulatory body working closely with the National Prosecuting agency. Advocate - Hendrik van Staden Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and a member of the National Bar Council of South Africa, he is situated in Pretoria. He has experience as an prosecutor and legal advisor since January 2014. He became an Advocate in 2016 after completing his pupillage under Adv Carel van Heerden where has received much exposure to especially mining law. Advocate - Vaughn Victor Studied at NWU llb Specialises in cyberlaw, cyber securities and crypto currency Also on the Master of High Court as an insolvency practitioner...just do investigation does not accept appointments Also part of the international fraud investigators.... The questions came from a panel of RAG members who are investors and they harvested from questions asked by various communications that RAG have been having with MTI investors.



Saturday 26 December 2020 - 7 Pm Meeting - RAG - MTI - Recovery Action Group

When: 26 December 2020

Watch it:

RAG - Recovery Action Group. This is a recording of a open meeting that took place on Saturday, 26 December 2020 in the evening at 7 PM. The meeting centred around informing everybody on the current status of Mirror Trading International (MTI). The objective was to explain what actions were being taken to recover the investors participation in MTI. Further, the RAG are working to try and consolidate and get support from as many investors as possible to form a representative platform which will be able to recover the investment in the cheapest and most effective means possible. To achieve this the RAG team are consulting with solicitors, advocates team leaders and investors to determine the best possible way forward. Please join our cause if you are an investor on our website at:

You are welcome to post any questions you may have on the contact form at the website.