Quick Assistance for non Members:

This is a quick assist support package to help you decide on what is the best subscription or process to get your documentation put together and confirmed with the liquidators for your or subaccounts recovered.
Further, you can get a direct booking arranged with one of our consultants to help you make the appropriate decisions in relation to your unique circumstances regarding the MTI liquidation.

GetaQuid - Quick Assist

Find the best subscription and interact with our Client Managers to help you determine how best to recover your MTI Investment. For non-members only. (Max 30 Mins)

Guidance Support Service - £3.49(per 30 min)

One-on-one client support via Signal, WhatsApp or internet screen share. The Client is shown how to perform the functions directly.  The Guidance Service entails more than just an instructional email. Direct one-on-one assistance, up to 30 min.

Recording of the session available on pre-arrangement and on request

Confirming our Autoresponder

Please read our latest blog post on our GetaQuid website https://getaquid.com/wednesday-update

Typical automatic response from our email responder. Normally it takes one to two business days for us to get back to you in writing. However, if you are a member you can use more direct methods for us to contact you in an emergency.

Members can contact us directly through the members' area. This information will have been or will be received when you sign up as a member.

Wednesday blog update will contain the latest MTI in-liquidation information.

If you are not a member yet, please sign up for our class action and MTI Investment recovery process.
We will assist you with getting your claim submitted and help you manage and assist others with their claims. If you are not a member you can get help here: https://getaquid.com/quick-assist

Alternatively please become a member: https://getaquid.com/subscription/

Thank you for having reached out.