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Clarification of RAG - RAC - Henry Honeybal - GetaQuid

Originally when the liquidation of MTI was started in December 2020 the GetaQuid website was established and mostly traded under RAG ( Recovery Action Group).

GetaQuid (RAG) at the time noticed that there was potential conflicting interest as many of the participants in the management profile of GetaQuid, from January to March 2021,  included “net winners”. The net winners did not want the investors to submit their claims because that caused problems for them. As the provisional liquidation process had been completed, GetaQuid's role became superfluous.

Mr Henry Honeybal, who had been a major participant in RAG, in the fall of 2021, split off from GetaQuid and rebranded his work as RAC.

By the end of 2021, not a single investor's claim had been registered. The liquidators were playing all sorts of funny games and simply ignoring the investors as a whole. GetaQuid was approached by investors and certain council to try to assist and mobilise the investors ("net losers") to start a concerted group action and thereby engage with the liquidators.

As of the fall (RSA) of 2021 GetaQuid Ltd has been functioning as a non-profit organization and is not in any way connected to the old RAG, RAC, or Mr. Henry Honeybal.

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