Protecting Your Investment: MTI Investor Legal Challenges and How GetaQuid Can Help

Published on: January 3, 2024

Dear MTI Investor,
(relevant to all MTI Participants)
We understand that these are uncertain times for you, and we want to ensure you are well informed about the challenges you may be facing as an investor with MTI (Mirror Trading International). The liquidators are currently pursuing legal actions against MTI participants, and it's essential that you are aware of your rights and how to protect your interests. To provide you with crucial insights and guidance, GetaQuid is hosting an upcoming webinar on:

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Be Aware - You Must React!

MTI Liquidators have engaged various law firms to initiate legal proceedings against MTI investors, regardless of their financial standing within the MTI system. It doesn't matter whether you gained or lost money; any withdrawal you made during your association with MTI could potentially become the basis for legal action against you.

At GetaQuid, we firmly believe that this approach is unjust and founded on shaky grounds. We have reviewed numerous legal documents associated with these actions, and many have been poorly prepared or misleading. We have persistently questioned these tactics and are still awaiting an official response from the liquidators regarding the challenge we published on our blog on November 3, 2023—nearly two months ago.


Time is of the Essence

The liquidators' actions appear to be driven by urgency. They seem to be racing against time, aiming to prevent the prescription date from expiring and pressuring investors into accepting unbalanced settlement agreements. We have observed various types of documents being sent to MTI investors, including:

  • Letters of demand from Vezi & De Beer
  • Letters of demand from other law firms
  • Open-ended letters of demand, referring to investments in general
  • Letters imitating summons documents
  • Summons served by the Sheriff of the court
  • Get More Information Here: Time is of the Essence

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Your Action is Crucial

If you receive a demand from a solicitor representing the MTI Liquidators, we strongly urge you to inform us immediately. To support you during this challenging time, GetaQuid has partnered with Solicitor John Lister, who has extended favourable rates for legal defence on your behalf.

Our commitment to you extends beyond legal assistance. GetaQuid is dedicated to helping you prepare your claim against MTI, with the ultimate goal of having it presented/approved. It's important to note that without a submitted claim against MTI, you will not be able to recover any funds you deposited or invested in MTI.

Under these circumstances, you lose all possibility of set-off and may be liable for all the funds you withdrew. Your deposits become unclaimable whether you are a net loser or net winner.

Furthermore, you could still be vulnerable to legal action for withdrawals. Only an approved claim can potentially provide set-off protection. GetaQuid is here to guide you through this process and safeguard your interests should liquidators or their appointed solicitors pursue legal action against you.

Why Choose GetaQuid?

Here's why you should consider GetaQuid to help you submit your claim:

  • Proof of Submission: We ensure that you have a verified record of submitting your claim.
  • Accuracy: Our experts will guide you in correctly submitting your claim to maximize your chances of success.
  • Set-Off Possibility: With a properly submitted claim, you may have a potential set-off against any withdrawals.

Don't wait until it's too late to protect your interests as an MTI investor. Join our upcoming webinar on January 9, 2024, to gain valuable insights and learn how GetaQuid can assist you in this challenging situation.

If you need HELP with a summons or Letter of Demand from the Solicitors appointed by the Liquidators;

We will respond to the letter of demand, engage with you in relation to any response we receive from Vezi De Beer, or other Solicitors appointed by the liquidators, and communicate your response to them. We shall attempt to finalize a settlement. 

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Please stay vigilant and informed, and remember that we are here to support you every step of the way.


GetaQuid Legal Team
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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with a qualified legal professional for personalized advice regarding your specific situation. 


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