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There are a number of people who think that they can simply sit on the sidelines and this MTI Liquidation will just go away and not affect them if they do nothing. Not True.

If you only invested and did not withdraw any funds, then you may sit back and do nothing. Although the possibility still exists, due to the court cases that have not yet been adjudicated, that in the worst case you may be pursued for having participated in an illegal business practice.

If you invested and withdrew funds, either more than your investment value or less than your investment value and you do not get your claim submitted, then you can be pursued to repay those funds.

The problem can also arise if you simply transferred your profits to family and friends to fund their accounts. If you do not submit a claim and the claim submissions close or time runs out before your claim is processed, you can still be held liable for the funds withdrawn or transferred out. If your claim has not been approved, you will have no counterclaim to set off against your winnings, withdrawals or transfers.

Because we are constantly helping MTI participants clarify their positions in the liquidation process, we have created a document repository that assists the liquidators with the assessment process.

Please if you do not know how or what to do, contact us and set up a one-on-one discussion so that we can update and advise you. The best way to go about this is to use WhatsApp: +44 79 3689 1071

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Register here so that we can help you get this resolved.

It is also worth noting that registering claims through GetaQuid is a relatively easy and straightforward process. Customers are required to fill out an electronic form and provide necessary documentation such as bank details, passport numbers or other identification documents in order to complete the registration process. Once they have registered, they can start building up evidence in support of their claims, which can then be used by the liquidator when considering their cases

The whole process is detailed and you as the investor are supported by our staff.

Furthermore, registering with GetaQuid also means that customers are kept informed about every step of the liquidation process through regular updates.

Information is shared by our legal team and also from the liquidators as we process your claim and assist wherever necessary.

This allows MTI participants to stay informed about all developments related to the case and helps them with queries and support throughout the process. Most importantly, having a registered claim will put investors in a position to recover at least some portion of their investments and if required set them up to have a counterclaim if required.

Simply join the united action and let's get your claim submitted.

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