Official Documents issued by Authorities

This page contains links to full documents which have been issued by various authorities with regard to Mirror Trading International (MTI). You may download the full version of the document if we have it available. Links are provided.

Press Release by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) a South African governmental institution overseen by the National Treasury of South Africa.

Overseen by an Executive Committee comprising
the FSCA Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners
appointed by the Minister of Finance, with governance
sub-committees appointed by National Treasury.* (South Africa)

Link to the official website of the FSCA:

The FSCA’s investigation on Mirror Trading International nears completion

The full document can be downloaded here:’s-investigation.pdf

This document was issued on 17 December 2020 and it highlights that MTI had contravened many laws. Further it also alludes to a criminal case which had been opened up as a result of the investigations of the FSCA.

Criminal Case Opened against MTI on 12 November 2020 in Stellenbosch in the Cape, case number 245/11/2020


FSCA - Financial Conduct Authority -

Search and Seizure warrants on Mirror Trading International (MTI)

Press release : 28 October 2020 after the warrant had been acted on 26 October 2020

On 26 October 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA) executed three search and
seizure warrants, which were issued by three separate high courts in Limpopo, KwazuluNatal and Western Cape, on application by the FSCA, at the home of the Chief Executive
Officer of Mirror Trading International (MTI), Mr. Johan Steynberg, the home of the
Marketing Director of MTI, Mrs. Cheri Marks, and the MTI offices in Stellenbosch.

Download the Full Document here:


Texas State Securities Board

The Texas State Securities Board did a full investigation into the legality of Mirror Trading International and found that they did not have the proper registrations to operate and offer securities, or trade securities in the territories governed by the board. Best to read the document for yourself.

In this document there is a complete break down of all the laws and regulations that MTI had transgressed.

Further, the names and addresses of all the perpetrators are stipulated in detail in the document as they were issued a formal cease and desist.

The alarm bells should really have been clanging for all of us at this time?

You can download the full version of the document here: