Significant Events affecting the Recovery Process of Your MTI Bitcoin Investment.

Help us keep your Bitcoin Recovery Safe.

Massive legal intervention is required to prevent the Mirror Trading International scheme from being declared an illegal business practice (Ponzi Scheme).  If you support our legal team give us a thumbs up by signing up here:

You can now signup multiple accounts managed under one single account.

Sponsor another person's account to help them reclaim the Bitcoin in their wallet.

Electronic ZOOM verification is supported through our legal team.

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On Sunday 27 February 2022 at 7:30 pm Jhb time/  7:30pm (CAT)

How the Court Case Set for 2 March this coming Wednesday will impact the investors/creditors.

We will also be reviewing the COGS record-keeping system and dealing with Q & A.

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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Liquidators bring applications to the court to have the Mirror Trading International Investment scheme declared a Ponzi

GetaQuid Legal team need your support to oppose this.

Please vote by signing up here that you support us opposing this action by the liquidators.

Simple Quick Signup >HERE<  Vote with your fingers.

Thursday 3 March 2022 - Thursday, 91h30 (7:30pm) Jhb CAT

Feedback Webinar about the outcome of the court case of 2 March 2022.

Report back from our Legal Team.

Full Q & A.

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