We are at a Watershed. Are you Going to Recover YOUR Bitcoin or Lose it?

Join our Webinar Scheduled for Thursday,  3 March 2022 - 17h30 GMT London time which is 18h30 CAT (RSA) Time >> Here <<

Court Case scheduled for Wednesday 2 March 2022.

MTI Class Action 

We filed the necessary documents to:

Delay the current court action to give us as investors sufficient time to file for the removal of some or all of the liquidators for misconduct and irregular use of their powers.

Further, we are opposing the declaration that the “Mirror Trading International Investment Scheme is a Ponzi.”

We have also highlighted certain irregular and asset depleting tactics adopted and instituted by the current liquidators.

As a result of your sterling support and participation, we have managed to engage with amazing council and are supporting the applications of other's that align with our mission to recover the funds for the NEL's (Net Equity Losers). GetAquid has in this MTI Class Action formulated a plan of action to recover the Bitcoin on your behalf.

GetaQuid is consulting various Investors, Attorneys Advocates and Financial experts to achieve the best possible result for the NEL's. (Net Equity Losers)

We support the Actions of the Following Attorneys and Advocates;

Solicitors are Ruann Kruger and Ian Allis.

Advocates: Nazeer Cassim and Advocate Hendrik van Staden.

Webinar - Full discussion about what took place in the court on 2 March 2022.

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Here are some links that are of interest:

Nazeer Cassim SC: https://maiselschambers3.co.za/member/nazeer-cassim

Advocate Hendrik van Staden: https://getaquid.com/biographies/

Attorney Ian Ellis: https://getaquid.com/biographies/

Attorney Ruann Kruger of the firm: Kruger & Co - http://www.kclaw.co.za/

The full set of documents submitted will be made available in the members' area.

To become part of the Class Action, have access to privy information and have your claim supervised by our legal team simply sign up here: Subscription - Get a Quid - MTI Recovery Group

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