MTI - Creditors Unite - Questions put to the Liquidators - 417's Reaction

What to do?
Support our legal (  team to represent your case to the judges. Enable us to act and oppose the Interim Order Hearing on the cards for 31 October 2022 and to give evidence at the 8 November 2022 Hearing. Please consider participating in our group action. There are three ways to contribute. The first is Direct Court Action Legal Funding Support only allocated to the court action here:

Subpoenaed - Called by the Liquidators to Give Evidence - 417 - Sued by the MTI Liquidators

If you have been subpoenaed there is only one thing you should do, get our legal help as soon as possible. Please do not go at it alone!  The fact that the Liquidators are using legal action to call you to the table means they are looking for excuses to take action against you. Unless you are a lawyer or advocate you are going to be overwhelmed, you also do not know the full implications or nuances of the questions they are asking you.

Even if you have legal background it is still in your best interest to have representation from someone who knows what is going on, and who specializes in liquidation law, understanding your rights. Else you will be bullied. From others' accounts, the tribunal has no respect for and bullies the attendees. We have heard harrowing and terrible stories from others who thought they were going to be truthful and honest, presenting themselves. Protect yourself, get GetaQuid to assist with legal representation.

Get Your Claim Submitted - Register Your Voice and Support our Unified Action

Full writeup on Current Status and Grouping of 'Ponzi Scheme' Participants



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Eugen Brassel · 12/10/2022 at 5:31 pm

How and when must we net losers reply to the 31 Aug.22 provisional court order? Thanks.
Eugen Brassel (6006464)

Annetjie Schraverus · 19/10/2022 at 7:19 pm


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