What to do?
Support our legal (https://getaquid.com/United-Court-Action) team to represent your case to the judges. Enable us to act and oppose the Interim Order on the cards for the 31st of October 2022 and to give evidence for the 8 November 2022. Please consider participating in group activities. There are three possibilities. The first is Direct funding support only allocated to the court action here: https://getaquid.com/United-Court-Action

Full review on Services offered and how we can help you here:

Critical Opposition Requirements - How the Interim Order Affects all the MTI Investors and Participants.

Your Questions answered - Re: Last week's webinar and the misinformation doing the rounds.

Join Adv Hendrik van Staden and Solicitor Ian Allis and a special guest from the liquidators, C Roos, as they discuss the implications of the Interim Order.
What can we do to change things?
What is the legal Status of this Interim Order?
How you as an Investor can protect your investment?

Date: Thursday, 29 September 2022

Time:  08:30 pm (South Africa)  -  06:30 pm GMT - 07:30 pm London

It was a Zoom Registration Webinar.


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