GetaQuid - MTI Liquidators - Claim Processing Procedure

A number of claims have now been processed to the point that they have been accepted by the Master.

GteaQuid and its staff have been extensively working with the liquidators to formalise a process to get the claims accepted for submission to the Master of the Court.

Below is a brief summary of a workable procedure that has been worked through with the liquidators' office.

  1. Sign up for the appropriate membership subscription. (
  2. The investor receives the membership emails and COGS profile login.
  3. Claim your smartphone (mobile) COGS communication app. (Android and iPhone)
  4. Upload your documents to your COGS profile.
  5. GetaQuid will contact you after checking the documents.
  6. The claim submission is compared with the MTI back office records to get a comparative value offer from the liquidators.
  7. The subsequent value offer of the claim is presented to the member (investor).
  8. If the claim is not accepted, GetaQuid will negotiate and discuss anomalies directly with the liquidators to see if an amenable solution can be achieved.
  9. When there is a consensus reached about the value of the claim between the investor and the liquidators; the claim can be listed for finalisation.
  10. The final set of documents from the client's records on the COGS system is prepared and sent to the liquidators for submission to the Master.

As a member, there are a number of ways you can interact with our office. The most secure way is to submit a ticket, you will have received an email with your ticket access, which we can then direct the answer.

Alternatively, you may fill in the simple contact form on the contact page or submit an enquiry to