Interim Payment - Action Needed

Urgently Require Your Participation To Submit and Correct Your MTI Claim.

In this past week, we have had a primary meeting with the liquidators to discuss and prepare for procedures going forward to present and maximise your MTI Recovery claim.

This will also facilitate the interim payment.

Please consider this carefully!

One of the issues that have been discussed may affect many of the current claimants.

If you fall within this category and you wish your claim revied for submission please notify us via the Ticketing system in the payment gateway or by sending an email to "". Check if you have completed the procedure below, please.

Please see if you fall within this category?

The current MTI back-office, which has been made available by the liquidators, bitcoin balance does not reflect the correct balance.

From the formula;
Total Bitcoins Invested less Total Bitcoins withdrawn = Invested Bitcoins remaining at the time of liquidation converted to fiat currency, a date chosen by the liquidators ( As per the claim form)

In many cases, this occurred as a result of MTI Investors attempting to withdraw their funds shortly before the Provisional Liquidation application in December 2020.

The MTI Investor got wind of problems arising in MTI when Johan Steynberg went missing. At that stage, the investor attempted to withdraw some or all of the funds from MTI. The System authorized the withdrawal but no transfer of the bitcoin occurred.

The current MTI Backoffice thus incorrectly registers the wrong balance.

Hendrik van Staden has arranged to discuss this with the liquidators on Monday and we would like to present as many of our clients' claims that fall within this category and also any others where there may be disputes ASAP.

To have your case put forward for resolution please take the following actions;

Download the revised power of attorney here:

Login to your COGS landing page; (If you have registered you will have received the Login details already)
Upload and/or Update your Power of Attorney on your COGS page.

If you do not have a visible Power of Attorney button simply upload revised or refreshed documents using the “General Document Upload” (Green Button). NB. Please follow the naming convention when uploading the Power of Attorney and all other Documents.

For us to be able to progress your claims and to be considered for the interim payout you will have had to have signed up: here

Logged into your COGS page and filled in the necessary questions and uploaded the required documents.

Please complete the Power of Attorney/ Mandate: If you are a single Investor or are an Investor with ‘child’ accounts under you.

The POA/ Mandate is to notify the Liquidators that you are giving GetaQuid/ Hendrik van Staden and its Legal Team authority to act on your behalf to finalize your claim.

This will include having access to your information in the back office to clarify, evaluate and maximize your MTI Claim.

This POA will run parallel to the PAO given to Adv van Staden and/ or Ian Allis - please remember for us to be able to act your documentation must be available on the COGS system. Many of you have already signed up and uploaded the required documents to the COGS system. It may only be necessary to update the Power of Attorney.

Having Problems Check this Page out:



Martin Roberts · 27/03/2022 at 3:35 pm

Account Manager,


Can you give me a call or text me @ (340) 998-1362 thanks to be able to resolve this urgent matter please.
I await your timely response.
Martin Roberts

Jacob Oosterman · 28/03/2022 at 12:09 pm

Im totally confused not knowing whether my claim made last year is up and running?

John Tilley · 31/03/2022 at 10:31 pm

I have submitted info on all my accounts previously surely they should have all the details of the back office if they are any sort of Liquidators Why all this confusion continually
Has Johnathon Stynberg given an account as yet ?

Maher Edwards · 27/04/2022 at 12:52 pm

I’ve been blocked on the site and cannot submit my documents as requested.
Please advise.

Penelope Kuhn · 19/05/2022 at 7:46 am

Can you please contact me I am not sure of how this work to claim please.
There is also a subscription that need to be paid to submit a claim on and what is that for

James Sheridan · 29/05/2022 at 3:53 pm

This process has been made so complicated that an unsophisticated investor cannot begin ti
follow all the instructions and changes that are going on. The whole process feels like another
attempt to ripe the investors off,

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