If you have received a Letter of Demand from a solicitor’s firm, like Vezi & de Beer, or served a letter from the solicitor’s firm followed by a summons served by the Sheriff of the court. 

Attorney Johan Lister of Lister  & Co will act for you concerning the letter of demand you have received. GetaQuid will assist by helping you to prepare the paperwork.

Each situation is unique and is handled according to your relationship and circumstances that have arisen in terms of MTI.

Once you have paid the Legal Fee of £110, you will receive a Mandate letter to sign. 

Please make payment Here: https://buy.stripe.com/3cscQQb7L58G4z614r

The mandate will include the following:

  1. We will respond to the letter of demand.
  2. We will engage with you concerning any response we receive and shall communicate your response to them once you have given us instructions.
  3. These instructions presumably will include any settlement offers you wish to make and we shall attempt to finalize a settlement.

Kindly note the mandate will not extend to any litigation should the matter not be settled and should you receive a summons this will entail a different mandate to be discussed. 

We would require from you

  1. A copy of the Letter of Demand you have received from the solicitor’s firm
  2. Completion of a spreadsheet showing the Bitcoin invested and the Bitcoin withdrawn
  3. Signing the Mandate

On payment of the Legal Representation Fee, Yolanda will be in contact with the Mandate letter and also provide you with an example of the Spreadsheet to complete. She will also be able to assist you with any queries regarding the completion thereof.  Please provide her with a copy of the Letter of Demand you have received. Email that to her at chris@getaquid.com

Lister & Co will evaluate the information supplied and will contact you to discuss the way forward in dealing with the letter of demand and any further legal correspondence.

Sign Up Here: https://buy.stripe.com/3cscQQb7L58G4z614r 

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