Webinar Arranged for 7 Consecutive Days at 17h30 BST (London) - ( 19h30 CAT {Jhb})

From 25 January 2022 until 30 January 2022.

That is 05:30 London

07:30 pm Central African Time

11:30 am CST (Central Time USA) ~ The link has been changed so that we can cater for the volume of attendees. Please use the link below to register.

MTI Judgement


Here is the Zoom Link for the Webinar:

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Jan 26, 2022, 05:30 pm London  - 07:30 pm (Jhb) - 11:30 am CST (Central Time USA)
Topic: GetaQuid - MTI Recovery Class Action

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Discussion Points Under Review:

In a prelude to the zoom meeting we will be having this afternoon, find attached the notice of motion of the liquidators in their application to declare MTI a Ponzi or irregular business practice.
The challenge with the motion is that should the order be granted it will have the following effect, and it must be noted that the order they want to have granted is in line with the one granted in the Krion case.:
1. Declaring all agreements purportedly concluded between MTI and its investors in respect of trading/management/investment of bitcoin for the purported benefit of the investors to be unlawful and void ab initio, this has the effect that all transactions between investors and MTI will be declared unlawful and investors can be held liable to repay the payments received from MTI.

2. Declaring that MTI is factually insolvent in that the value of its liabilities exceeded the value of its assets since 18 August 2019 until the date of winding up on 29 December 2020, the problem with this is that even the report by the liquidators to the Master do not contain the value of the claims against the estate it is impossible to have the court make this declaration, as the intention is to have it declared a Ponzi whilst the data do not support it currently.

3. Declaring any and all dispositions, whether by means of a payment in fiat currency or by means of transfer of bitcoin made by or on behalf of MTI to any of its investors or any third  party as payment or part payment of any purported claim or entitlement pursuant to the unlawful investment scheme, within six months before the concursus creditoruim all dispositions since 23 June 2020 to be dispositions with the effect of preferring one or more of MTI creditors above others, this will have the effect that all members who withdrew funds and then invested the funds again, after Mr Ulrich Roux said MTI was a registered business, will be liable to pay the money back which they withdrew bona fide.

The liquidators still failed to answer various questions or proof indeed MTI was factually insolvent, as it was liquidated as being just and equitable.

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