MTI Business Rescue Plan Discussion: Key Insights

This is a transcript of a follow-up discussion we had with a trusted legal expert who is well-versed in the MTI liquidation and its many legal nuances. The conversation elaborates on several key points essential for understanding the current state and potential future of the MTI  BRP (MTI Business Rescue Plan Proposal):

  1. Suspension of Liquidators' Powers: Our attorney clarifies that the liquidators' powers are suspended not when the BRP is approved by the court but when the application has been properly served to all affected parties. This includes the liquidators and major stakeholders. This suspension is crucial as it halts all ongoing legal actions initiated by the liquidators, such as summonses.
  2. Notification and Serving Process: The effectiveness of the BRP hinges on the proper notification and serving of the rescue application to all stakeholders. This ensures that all parties are aware and have the opportunity to respond or adjust their actions accordingly. The serving of the BRP is confirmed by sheriff's returns of service.
  3. Legal Proceedings and Summons: Even though the BRP might be in process, parties who have been served with summonses should still file appearances to defend. This is because the suspension of the liquidators’ powers only takes effect after the BRP application is confirmed as properly served and acknowledged.
  4. Outcome of BRP Application: If the BRP is dismissed by the courts, the liquidators’ powers are reinstated, allowing them to continue their actions as before. Conversely, if the BRP is upheld, the business rescue practitioner steps into the role of the liquidators and decides the course of action regarding the existing legal claims against net winners and net losers.
  5. Implications for Creditors: The transition from liquidation to business rescue could significantly affect the creditors, especially in terms of how claims are treated. Creditors need to be kept informed about the status of the BRP to prepare for potential changes in their recovery processes.
  6. Communication and Transparency: Effective communication from those managing the BRP is essential. Providing updates and clear information helps manage expectations and reduces confusion among all parties involved.
  7. Concerns Over Liquidators' Conduct: The discussion reflects concerns about the conduct of the liquidators, particularly regarding their handling of settlements and the aggressive recovery from net winners using current high Bitcoin values. These actions have prompted the consideration of the BRP as a means to possibly restructure the approach and ensure fairer outcomes for all involved.

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