Have Requested Clarification from the Liquidators about Enderstein Malumbete Inc

Beware of a Possible Scam: Letter from Enderstein Malumbete Inc Regarding Mirror Trading International (MTI)

In recent days, some individuals have reported receiving a letter from Enderstein Malumbete Inc, which claims to represent the liquidators of Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd (MTI), a company that has been in liquidation. This letter has raised concerns and confusion among recipients, and we want to shed some light on the matter to help protect you from potential scams.

Action Taken:

In response to the letter and the concerns it has generated, we have taken the following actions:

  1. Consulted Legal Counsel: We have engaged our legal team to thoroughly review the letter and assess its authenticity and implications.
  2. Email Request to Liquidators: We have sent an official email to the liquidators mentioned in the letter, seeking clarification regarding the appointment of Enderstein Malumbete Inc and the authenticity of the claims made in the letter.
  3. Publication of Blog Post: We have published this blog post, as outlined in our previous communication, warning recipients of the letter about potential scams and urging caution in their response.
  4. Communication with Liquidators: We will also send the blog post to the liquidators and formally request clarification from them regarding their involvement with Enderstein Malumbete Inc.
  5. Without Prejudice: This letter is written under the heading "Without Prejudice" therefore it only has legal standing if accepted by the recipient (if the creditor/investor acts on its contents).

The Contents of the Letter:


The letter from Enderstein Malumbete Inc. implies the following:


  1. It suggests that a summons will be served on you regarding your involvement as an investor in MTI.


  1. It states that Enderstein Malumbete Inc's clients, the liquidators, have a claim against you for the return of certain bitcoin.


  1. It urges you to make a settlement proposal regarding this claim.


**The Red Flags:**


While Enderstein Malumbete Inc is a legitimate law firm, several aspects of this letter should raise concern:


  1. **Lack of Confirmation:** As of our latest attempt, we have not received confirmation from the liquidators that they have indeed appointed Enderstein Malumbete Inc to pursue settlements on their behalf.


  1. **Misleading Format:** The format and tone of the letter may mislead recipients. It suggests that it is a summons, which typically has a very different format and is served by the sheriff.


  1. **Urgency and Pressure:** The letter implies a strict 10-day deadline for response and mentions the possibility of default judgment if you fail to respond promptly. This creates unnecessary pressure on recipients.


**What You Should Do:**


Given the above concerns, we advise the following:


  1. **Do Not Panic:** Do not be alarmed by this letter, and do not feel compelled to take immediate action.


  1. **Wait for Confirmation:** Before taking any action, wait for official confirmation from the liquidators regarding the appointment of Enderstein Malumbete Inc.


  1. **Be Cautious:** Treat this letter with caution. It may be an attempt to pressure you into offering a settlement or selling your claim prematurely.


  1. **Consult with Legal Counsel:** If you have concerns about the letter or your involvement with MTI, consider consulting with your own legal counsel before responding.



In summary, while Enderstein Malumbete Inc. is a legitimate law firm, the format and content of the letter raise questions about its authenticity and the urgency of a response. Until you receive official confirmation from the liquidators, exercise caution and avoid making hasty decisions.

Scammers often target individuals with legal-sounding documents, so it's essential to verify the legitimacy of such communications before taking any action. Your financial well-being and peace of mind should be your top priorities, so don't hesitate to seek professional advice if you have any doubts or concerns about such letters.



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