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Maximising your recovery at the lowest cost and exposure

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RAG - Recovery Action Group - is structured as a non-profit organisation to assist and co-ordinate the investors' interest in recovering the maximum value at the minimum cost. RAG will be working on your behalf to keep you abreast of the status of your claim.

RAG has to date funded all the work through private and direct donations by investors and a dedicated voluntary workforce. With support from private companies and the investors themselves.

RAG will keep all the investors updated and liaise with the solicitors, advocates, and liquidators to make available the latest and most accurate information on the progress of the liquidation process.

Don't miss a deadline and know what you need to do next.

The RAG non-profit company has been registered under UK law (See our about page for detail) Non-profit statutory requirements established with the auditors and banks.

RAG is currently accepting donations through a PayPal node that was specifically and solely setup by our main benefactor and support organisation Global Village Worker Ltd a UK registered company.

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