Document Naming Protocal for General Documents - Child and Agent/Principal Accounts

Protocol Form for General Uploads (The document naming protocol).

First Part
The first part of the name should be the MTI Number of the Child's Account/ Principal's Account for all documents relating to the child account.

Second Part
The date in numerical reverse order. The date “27 February 2022” will be set out as follows; yymmdd - hence 220227 - has to be six digits please. (Normally the date the document was generated or the date uploaded)

Third Part
Then the name of the Person on that specific account (This should match up with the name that was on the MTI child account registered.)

Fourth Part
Then the Document Type abbreviation (See the table below)

Eg: 2567896 - 220227 - Johannes C de Klerk - POA

Naming Abbreviations to use:

Documents that must be SubmittedAbbreviation to use
⭐ Completed MTI Claim FormMCF
⭐ Proof of Transactions with MTI (screenshots/statements from bitcoin wallet etc)POT
⭐ Proof of Bank AccountPBA
⭐ Certified Copy of ID/Passport/ soc security noCCID
⭐ Power of Attorney - MandatePOAM
Documents Required depending on Scenario
Power of AttorneyPOA
Reassignment of Power of AttorneyRAPOA
Revoked Power of AttorneyRPOA
Explanatory NoteEXN
Acting Agent FormAGTF
Assignment FormASGMT
Backoffice AuthorisationBOAF
Declaration FormDECL
Directors DeclarationCDECL
Statement of TruthSOT
Protocol new