The COGS system is a revolutionary new cloud-based system that is used to interact with you as supporters of this class action.

This Central Operational Governance System (COGS) is being used by a multitude of organisations such as solicitors firms, security companies, retail stores, HR consultants, construction and transport companies because of the simplicity of use and high level of security.

You can imagine how difficult it could become to keep proper records of everything when there are thousands of supporters who each must receive communication and who in turn, have to send us information and documentation.

Quite frankly, to try and manage this by using outdated conventional methods such as member files, paper, e-mails and platforms such as WhatsApp, etc, will just be too labour intensive, too slow and ineffective.  the COGS System brings all communication to a single platform keeping a record of the information to and from the client.

One base for all interactive communication between the legal team and the individual MTI  investment account. Your mobile phone with the COGS App is a live link to keep you informed and to sign any required documentation.

With the COGS system, we will be able to keep proper records of, and engage with you as supporters, in a much faster, more convenient and reliable way. 

Through the COGS mobile app, You will enjoy 24/7 access to any relevant news, developments and documentation regarding the MTI matter, and be able to instantly contribute and engage with us when required to do so.

It is in part because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this system that we were able to keep the monthly cost as low as it is, to you as active supporters.

We trust that you will embrace the system and enjoy all the benefits with us.

Benefits and Advantages of the Operational Governance Systems (COGS)