Updating or Appointing Your Legal Representative Team.

Signup here now to support our legal team who are taking action to prevent your Bitcoin, locked into the MTI Liquidation, from being declared an "Illegal Business Practice" (Ponzi Scheme).

According to advocate van Staden and the solicitors on our team, this will be extremely detrimental to the recovery and value of your Bitcoin invested.

GetaQuid has also consulted with solicitors who have previously been involved with a similar situation where this type of unnecessary declaration was allowed to happen. The result was that it gave the liquidators unnecessary powers to bleed off funds for their own pockets.

Please also update your information here if you have previously appointed "Advocate Hendrik van Staden" as your power of attorney. (This is critically important.)

Support our legal team to act on your behalf by filling in the form below with the best available information you have available, please.

By filling in this form you also support others who are not able to do so because they stand to lose everything if we do not act.

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