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Get a Quid ~ MTI Recovery Group

This is a Class Action Group to Assist and Represent the MTI Investors

(For abbreviation references please go to the bottom of the page.)

  1. GetaQuid has been formed to assist the many investors (in a class action) who may or may not have the means and/or know-how to pursue the recovery of their assets (investments) from the failed MTI scheme and also to channel information to guide all invested parties.
  2. Promoter or NEI - There are essentially two types of investors. The investors can be divided into two classes;
    Promoter, - this investor invariably got into the MTI system early and then promoted the product sufficiently that he was able to withdraw from his "promotion commissions + growth" more, or substantially more than his physical investment into MTI.
    : The other type of investor had not withdrawn his commissions and growth and therefore has a negative equity status (Negative Equity Investor {NEI}) in terms of his investment at the time of provisional liquidation.
    The objectors of the Promoter and the NEI are substantially different. When the accounts are settled it is highly likely that the promoter will be called to refund his excess drawings. Further, the promoter will want to align himself with the objectives of the liquidator and other parties that protect his position.
    The NEI is mainly interested in protecting his asset and would like the whole system to be directed to a point where the NEI can recover their investment.
  3. GetaQuid is only interested in the NEI's as GetaQuid's objective is to protect and do everything possible to recover the funds for the Negative Equity Investor (NEI).
  4. GetaQuid seeks to consolidate all actions to increase the effectiveness and speed of the process, by unifying the dissemination and effective channelling of information, presenting a united front.
  5. GetaQuid is an independent organisation that has been established to assist in the investigation on behalf of the numerous disadvantaged creditors and help in the recovery of their assets and funds.
  6. GetaQuid will work with the authorities, recovery agents, investigators, solicitors and advocates to channel the information in the most effective and cost-efficient way for all the parties concerned.
  7. GetaQuid consists of individual concerned investors from various continents. Working together as a non-profit organisation. The controlling body is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee. The organisation is governed in terms of the companies act, United Kingdom jurisdiction. 
  8. GetaQuid is working directly with Cyber Crime Investigators and liaises with various law enforcement authorities.
  9. GetaQuid is not Zendesk Support.
  10. GetaQuid is not part of MTI (Mirror trading International) or any other corporate similar organisation.
  11. GetaQuid is necessary to hold the Liquidators to account and its sole purpose is to do everything it can to consolidate the actions required to protect the investors' equity and bring about the quick and successful liquidation of the assets in favour of the investors.
  12. GetaQuid is here for the greater good of investors who are trying to recover their investments (Bitcoin).
  13. Only verified information will be posted, including but not limited to, our telegram group, website, Facebook and eMail channels.


The Plan

The team jointly formulates an executive group to represent the investors. It would be in the best interests of everybody if we had a definitive number of people who have been empowered by the investors to follow up with the authorities and also to have in-depth discussions with lawyers.

A concerted representative group empowered by the support of as many of the investors as we possibly can get to buy-in would be the best way to manage the situation and protect the outcome in favour of the investors (NEI).

Please if you are interested would you simply go to the contact page and register your interest to participate.

Better still signup and we will keep you informed through our mobile App.

How can we Help

Simply tell us what is on your mind or how we can help you?

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Abbreviations and References.

MTI - Mirror Trading International

NE Investor - Negative Equity Investor -

PE Investor - Positive Equity Investor (Promoter)

RAG - Restore Action Group -  Established by GetaQuid in December 2020 when the pending provisional liquidation for the MTI group was in discussion. GetaQuid supported the investors and liaised with all the parties concerned to establish a consensus of opinion as to what the best action was. Unfortunately, after the provisional liquidation had been granted, GetaQuid and essentially RAG no longer had a function. Further involvement would have required extensive finds which were not forthcoming from the investors at that time.
However, now that the liquidators and various "net positive MTI investors" are looking to disenfranchise the "negative equity investors" it has become apparent that the latter need to take action to protect their investment.

Class Action - "A lawsuit brought by one or more plaintiffs on behalf of a large group of others who have a common legal claim."

Urext - Urext Ltd is a company limited by shares that sponsor selected MTI Investors to get their claims resolved.