About the Group

Recovery Action Group (RAG)

This is who RAG is and what RAG's objectives are.

  1. RAG has been formed to assist the many investors who may or may not have the means and/or know-how to pursue the recovery of their assets (investments) from the failed scheme and channel information to guide all invested parties.
  2. RAG seeks to consolidate all actions to increase the effectiveness and speed of the process, by unifying the dissemination and effective channelling of information, presenting a united front.
  3. RAG is an independent organisation which has been established to assist in the investigation on behalf off the numerous disadvantaged creditors and help in the recovery of their assets and funds.
  4. RAG will work with the authorities, recovery agents, investigators, solicitors and advocates to channel the information in the most effective and cost efficient way for all the parties concerned.
  5. RAG consists of individual concerned investors from various continents. Working together as a non profit organisation. The controlling body is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee. The organisation is governed in terms of the companies act, United Kingdom jurisdiction. 
  6. RAG has pro bono assistance from advocates, solicitors, administrators and various other organisations that specialize in Cyber Crime Crypto Currencies. There are also private organisations that give their support without compensation.
  7. RAG is working directly with Cyber Crime Investigators and liaises with various law enforcement authorities.
  8. RAG is in discussions with the same liquidators that have worked with the FBI before, on an International Bitcoin recovery process.
  9. RAG is not Zendesk Support.
  10. RAG is not part of MTI/Finalmente Global management or any other corporate or similar organisations.
  11. RAG is here for the greater good of investors who are trying to recover their investments (Bitcoin).
  12. Only verified information will be posted , including but not limited to, our telegram group, website, Facebook and eMail channels.

The RAG is a Company Limited By Guarantee

Registered Company name below:


Company number 13118287

Registered office address 20-22 Wenlock Road,


England, N1 7GU

What is a Company Limited by Guarantee?

A company limited by guarantee cannot issue shares. Its members also do not receive dividends from profits. This sort of company has no share capital and is unable to raise equity. For this reason, businesses rarely use it. Rather, they are common among recreational and sporting clubs and in the not for profit or charity sector. Their inability to raise capital is relatively unproblematic in this context because these kinds of companies have limited needs for capital. These are usually satisfied through fundraisers, grants or with membership fees.

The Plan

The team intends to meet to formulate an executive group to represent the investors. It would be in the best interests of everybody if we had a definitive number of people who have been empowered by the investors to follow up with the authorities and also to have in-depth discussions with lawyers.

A concerted representative group empowered by the support of as many of the investors as we possibly can get to buy-in would be a much better way of trying to resolve the situation.

Please if you are interested would you simply go to the contact page and register your interest to participate and be copied into the progress made.

How can we Help

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