A General Update on the MTI Proceedings: Understanding the Recent Declaratory Judgment

In the world of Mirror Trading International (MTI), investors have been eagerly anticipating clarity regarding the treatment of their claims and investments. On November 9th, a significant development unfolded as a Declaratory Judgment was delivered, illuminating the path ahead for both investors and the MTI estate. This judgment provides essential guidance to the liquidators on how to handle the recovered MTI Bitcoin, classify different classes of investors, and manage claims. In this blog post, we will delve into the implications of this judgment and address other pressing concerns that investors are grappling with.

Treatment of Claims

At the heart of the Declaratory Judgment lies a directive on how claims should be handled for various categories of investors. These categories encompass:

  1. Net Losers who have made deposits but not any withdrawals.
  2. Net Losers who had made deposits and withdrawals.
  3. Net Winners.

Each category introduces unique questions and concerns. For instance, Net Losers who haven't made any withdrawals may be pondering how their claims will be processed in comparison to those who have withdrawn funds. Net Winners, too, may be anxious about the implications of their claims.

GetaQuid and Legal Analysis

GetaQuid, in collaboration with its legal team, is diligently dissecting the implications of the Declaratory Judgment for all investor categories, with a particular focus on Net Losers who have made withdrawals. It is crucial for investors to grasp how this judgment affects their individual circumstances and what proactive steps they should consider taking.

Solicitors' Letters and Legal Concerns

Another significant source of unease for MTI investors has been the receipt of letters from solicitors' firms, referring to claims against them for the return of Bitcoin. These letters often allude to the possibility of a summons and may request a settlement offer to mitigate potential legal costs and actions.

It is vital to distinguish these solicitors' letters from a summons. A summons is a formal legal document served by a court-appointed sheriff, carrying specific legal obligations and deadlines for response. In contrast, solicitors' letters serve as preliminary steps in the legal process, often aiming to initiate discussions.

GetaQuid is currently seeking legal counsel to determine the most appropriate way to address these solicitors' letters. Rest assured, there is no need for immediate panic or impulsive reactions. We will provide you with guidance on how to navigate this situation prudently and effectively.

A Positive Note: Progress Toward Payments

Amid the myriad challenges and uncertainties faced by MTI investors, the Declaratory Judgment offers a glimmer of hope. According to the liquidators, it represents the final significant hurdle blocking the path to distributing payments to investors. This development suggests that the resolution of claims and the distribution of recovered assets may soon transition from a distant hope to a tangible reality.

Take Action: Submit Your Claim

For MTI investors who have not yet submitted a claim, prompt action is of paramount importance. Access the claim submission process by clicking on the following link: [GetaQuid Claim Submission](https://getaquid.com/subscription/). By doing so, you secure your place in the queue for the necessary assistance to navigate the claims process effectively.


The recent Declaratory Judgment in the MTI proceedings furnishes investors with vital directives regarding the treatment of their claims. While challenges and uncertainties still loom, progress is undeniably unfolding toward the resolution of the MTI estate and the distribution of recovered assets. GetaQuid and its legal team are working diligently to provide steadfast guidance and support to investors throughout these intricate legal proceedings. It remains imperative for all investors to stay well-informed and take prudent steps to safeguard their interests in this continually evolving situation.


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